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Having Trouble With The Corresponding Console CT Error?

Over the past few days, some readers have come across a known error message with a related CT console error. This problem occurs for many reasons. Now we will discuss them. The Attendant Console is an application solution that manages many call management features, integrates responses, and communicates incoming call decisions.

How do I reset my attendant console?

Step 1 In Cisco CallManager Serviceability, select Tools > Control Center – Feature Services. Operator Console Server Service. The window displays the services developed for the server you selected, corrective action status, and service activation status. Click the Reload button.

Save. track progress. Earn credits.

Learning has never been so easy!

If you try to connect to the Cisco Attendance Console, you will get a “CT Error” and the connection will not actually succeed.

If we open the online administration page and enter our own username ADMIN: , a: cisco

attendant console ct error

You get the followingCurrent: You cannot connect to the server..API_NOT_INITIALIZED
Log in to CUEAC and restart Cisco Unified Attendant Services
After that, your server will receive the message Unable to connect to the server.
“The next stage of recovery, CUEAC server. Registration was successful.

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This article describes the steps required to create and integrate an extended Cisco Unified Attendant Console server with a CUCM cluster.

Note. In this article, we will specify the connection to most editors, which is contrary to the Cisco recommendations for a CUCM server that the new CUACA can connect to the Cisco CTI Manager service. authorized server.


  1. Configure the service
  2. Create user
  3. Create phone model
  4. Install systems on the CUACA Forum (Windows 2012)
  5. Configure the CUACA server
  6. Set up agent queues
  7. Set up directory synchronization
  8. Set up agent queues
  9. Configuration statements
  10. Synchronize with Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  11. Install the client console software from the operating computerra.
  12. Try the basic software.

Detailed Steps[]

Set Up Service[]

Create Our Own User []

Step 2. Go to “User Management” > “User Settings” > “Access Control Group”.

Step 4: Enter the appropriate username for the CUACA access control group and click Save | In this example, I have used the name CUACA.

Easy step: In this new window, go back to save and click the “Go” button next to “Back to Search/List”.

Step 6: H Click on the line created by CUACA ACG using the “I” button under the property column.

Step 7: In this window, click the Assign Faction Role button.

Step 8: In this new door, also select the following groups and click “Add Selected”.

  • Standard AXL API access
  • Standard CTI compatible
  • Default CCM Administrator
  • Enable default CTI monitoring for parked calls
  • Allow standard CTI to change phone number
  • Standard CTI allows you to get SRTP from key material.
  • Allow standard CTI control on all devices.
  • Step 9: When you return to the first period, review the list again and click Save.

    Step 12: Enter the Internet user information for the desired virtual farm, then scroll down to the permission details and click Add to Access Control Group.

    Step 15. In the window that is no longer safe, check the box next to our “CUACA” group and click the “Add Selected” button.

    Repeat this process and add the default CCM superuser group.

    Step 14: When you return to the first window, make sure “CUACA” and therefore the default CCM groups are displayed in the window, then click “Save”.

    Create Smartphone Model[]

    Step 4. In this new window, select CTI Port in the number, enter, click and continue.

  • device name
  • Description
  • Device group
  • Enter areasearch
  • User MOH Loudspeaker Source
  • Owner – anonymity
  • Device security profile
  • Step 5. Click on line [1]. Add a new site DN on the left associated with the page.


    Step 6. Add the current relevant information for the DN on your system.

    Install All Software On CUACA Server (Windows 2012)[]

    What is TSP in Cisco?

    The Cisco TAPI Service Provider (TSP) is the TAPI owner installed on the associated Windows server that provides communication, including line events, between the MiaRec Project Announcement Controller and the Cisco UCM.

    Connect to CUACA server, my network is from

    Install IIS[]

    attendant console ct error

    Ошибка Ct консоли оператора
    Attendant Console Ct-fout
    Attendant Console Ct Error
    Erreur Ct De La Console Opératrice
    Ct-Fehler Der Vermittlungskonsole
    Error Ct De Consola De Operadora
    Błąd Ct Konsoli Operatora
    Erro Ct Do Console De Atendimento
    Errore Ct Console Operatore
    교환원 콘솔 Ct 오류