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Troubleshooting And Fixing Error 1093 Hy000 Uninstall

Last week, some readers encountered the well-known error code 1093 hy000 delete. This problem occurs for several reasons. Now let’s discuss some of them.

Are you stuck with mysql program error 1093? We can help anyone fix the mistake.


We often receive requests to fix MySQL bugs as part of our server administration services.

Today, let’s take a look at practical ideas on how our support engineers fix MySQL error code 1093 for their customers.

Why MySQL Error Code? 1093?

Today I’m only going to discuss MySQL error message 1093 and see how we prepare for it.


This MySQL error is mostly related to subqueries. It appears when updating and even deleting a table, as well as when creating a subquery for the very people who use the table at all.

How To Solve The Problem?

Recently, one of our client’s models contacted us with a request to fix the following issue, which the man received while updating the latest spreadsheet.

So our engineers took a close look at it and found that it was using some kind of build subrequest with the same path table it was trying to update.

well, we
error 1093 hy000 delete

That I removed the reference the table to update it from a subquery, and this key fact eliminated the error.

Also, many have overcome the situation when we were contacted by a client with the same laws of MySQL error 1093.

He said that all errors occur when trying to delete a table with the thought as below:

DELETE FROM table_name, where column_name is IN (SELECT column_name FROM table_name, WHERE > column_name 10);

error 1093 hy000 delete

We usually change the query like this because we find that the client is trying to delete rows from the same data source referenced by the original subquery and it’s hard to delete them.

DELETE FROM table_name where column_name IN SELECT ( * FROM (SELECT column_name FROM table_name column_name where > 10) AS X);


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In short, this error can be fixed by removing Talk the from the about table to view from the subquery. We also found out how our service support engineers can resolve this MySQL error.

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Let’s reproduce all the errors in our case. In doing so, we were actually trying to remove duplicates in lines a on board


First, let’s take a look at the contents of Lancer desktop fruit.

mysql> select ID, name from fruits ;
| identifier | name |
| 1 | Banana |
| 2 | Cherry |
| 3 | Mango |
| 4 | Melon |
| 5 | Kiwi |
| 6 | Blueberries |
| 7 | orange |
| 8 | Guava |
| 9 | Banana ten |
| | apple |
| 14 | Banana |
| 15 | Fishing |
| 16 | Pear |
| 21 Grapes | |
| | strawberry nineteen |
| 25 | Guava ten |
| | Banana |
| 21 | Apple |
18 matching lines (0.00 seconds)
As you can see, all lines are duplicate fruits in this a specific chart like mango, strawberry, guava, etc. Why not group duplicate ids.

mysql> select i . D. fruits grouped by Destination number > thread 1 by 1;
| |
| ID 1 |
| 3 |
| 8 10 |
| |
Default 4 rows (0.00 seconds)
Now let’s try to delete them with a solid subquery on the table itself.

mysql> comes from Remove fruit where id is inside (select from fruit selection by name id, number(name)> has specific order 1);
ERROR 1093 (HY000): You cannot specify a subject fruit table to update to FROM clause
Error 1093 means we are using the same table in the subquery with deletes. MySQL can’t do this DML via .treatment

My goal is to create a reproduction of the original painting, suitable for temporary use. Then can we have two different tables with the same content. Let’s invest in both, like in DML.A


  1. Clone temporary dessert named fruit_copy as fruit
  2. This method is for creating a table and copying all of its contents.table

    mysql>Returns temporary fruits;
    Query query fruit_copy OK, 0 rows affected (0.01 seconds)

    mysql >Make a decision by pasting Fruit_copy into *fruit;

    Request completed successfully, rows affected (0.01 seconds)
    Records: eight Twelve Duplicates: 0 Warnings: 0

  3. Remove the la table with a la subquery for a specific table.
  4. mysql> delete from fruits and vegetables where id is given (select i from the group that has fruit_copy using account name (name)
    having> 1 order written 1);
    Query 4 in order, rows affected by owner ( 0.01 result sec)
    Let’s write. You can see that 4 lines have been removed.

    mysql> select id, word from fruits;
    +----+--- ---------+
    | | display name |
    | 2 | |
    | Cherry 4 | Watermelon |
    | 5 | Kiwi |

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