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Best Way To Fix 65 Blackberry Connection Errors

Here are some easy ways that can help you fix your Blackberry 65 connection issue.

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    I’m trying to connect to AIM, Gchat, MSN, Yahoo and keep getting spam messages. Connection error. (65 ). Not only that, it also reduces the consumption of my BBM. Me and my messages are also blocked. Pulled out the battery, mailed or forwarded his service book, and then luck with Neo. I can still make calls and send text messages without any problems. Has anyone else come across this issue by any chance? If so, how do I answer it?

    22-12-09 19:49

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    Users in North America are currently experiencing connectivity issues. Hope Rome releases a fix soon.

    12-22-09 19:59

  • I’m glad I found a particular message.

    error connection 65 blackberry

    The only problem is… I didn’t realize this was a temporary problem and now I’m having a huge problem for that reason alone.

    I’m short on Curve 8330 OS on 4.5…pro100 FYI… what exactly happened was that I proposed a post that was supposed to fix bugs in each of our 65 releases. It says to delete all service and text manuals and then send them back, but that’s where I’m having trouble not selecting them. My nav disappeared and after changing the battery my wife and I lost up to 6 pounds of uptime. I tried to register and everything… does anyone know why????? repair

    22-12-09 20×10

  • I have, I would say, the same message . MSN today, thank you

    22/12/09 20:24

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