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What Can I Do About Errors When Opening The Blackberry Desktop Manager Installation Log File?

If your system encounters an error opening the Blackberry Desktop Manager installation log file, this user guide may help. Error creating installation log file. This usually happens when the application heap is freed by the Windows Installer, causing the loss of information about where the log directory is stored. Windows then tries to create the log as a file in the default location, but fails.

error opening installation log file blackberry desktop manager

Applies to 10 – windows all editionand
Original KB selection: 2564571


How do you fix error opening installation log file verify that the specified location exists and is writable?

To process, click End.WorkingThe desktop icons and desktop bar may disappear.Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart the task manager.click File -> Create Task (Run).Type explorer.exe and click OK.Your taskbar and therefore your desktop icons should reappear.

If you try to help uninstall the product in Programs and Features, an alternate Windows Installer window will appear with the following error:

Error opening log application file. Check that the specified shared location exists and is writable.

Additional Installation Information

How do I fix error opening installation log?

Use the command line.Close and restart Explorer.exe to get the task manager.Re-register the Windows Installer.Usually reinstall the Windows Installer.

  • Windows supports logging.
  • The Windows installer does not normally write the uninstall driver file correctly.
  • These conditions occur when the Windows Installer application heap is freed, and information about the log file’s save date is lost. In this Windows situation, the installer now attempts to write to the C:WindowsSystem32 storage folder as well as the Lodge address. The correct behavior would be when writing to the following website and file:

    error opening installation log file blackberry desktop manager

    Microsoft name has indicated that this is a problem on the operating systems listed in the “Applies to” category of this article.

    To work around this issue, use Task Manager to stop and start the Explorer.exe process.

  • 2 minutes playback
  • Error installing BlackBerry software for BlackBerry desktop smartphones

    I had an issue with Roxio Media Manager that keeps trying to reinstall, so I resolved the issue and uninstalled the Blackberry software. I then tried reinstalling the Blackberry desktop software to easily sync my contacts to my personal computer. I tried it from downloaded version 4.6 and productive from the version on my Blackberry CD. Same problem with two .

    Installation will start with the claims language, after which the installation will run for a few seconds. Then get this valuable message:

    Could not open Firewood installer file. Verify that the specified location audit file exists and is confidently writable.

    I can’t get this old message. Doesn’t it say where the main journal is? file Other The software installation is similar, except that the Blackberry software is not installed There is a little more. I tried renaming CProgram Installshield filescommon and running it but reading/writing that purchase still fails with the same message.

    Nowhere to try ideas? If you ask no, how can I help?


    Thanks, it worked.

    I unzipped my file, then opened a command prompt window and manually used msiexec with your Blackberry msi file. I included the /l flag to set a new log file instead of the traditional LogFile.and txt file, everything was fine.

    Perhaps you provided a boring log file name, at least for my computer?

    Be that as it may, this great new version of Blackberry software is great for keeping my contacts private with My Contacts. I’m very happy that I was able to install media content without Roxio Manager. This program drove me crazy.


  • Problems with desktop version of BlackBerry smartphone software

    Hello everyone!

    I just rode that on my first BB – Curve 8330. Try it

    I – install desktop managerth laptop or computer (version 4.c 5) CD on phone (sprint). I’ve tried twice and unsuccessfully with the same thing – hit, it crashes or stops near the end of the install. It is said that all this takes “a few minutes”, even an hour? I don’t know if this will take too long.

    I would try uninstalling the install, it’s too likely that nothing will happen, I would stop forcibly quitting everything with the task manager. Icons will appear, but the program itself will also have nothing to do. Due to the complex nature of the installation, I was unable to uninstall the product or restart the installation. You had to get rid of the system that you could restore. A

    Where do I find installation log files?

    Windows Setup logs are usually stored in a temporary folder. You can often access it by going to the runtime or course panel and entering the location as %temp%.

    And so twice! I just downloaded product 5.From 0 of this from the site today (without Media Manager which seems to help you cause the problem) and see how it works.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Should I have waited longer?

    After much frustration, I tried to do much more. After then, a three-hour pause, I rebooted my computer (using the computer’s endurance button, eg.Basically, it doesn’t matter, because another plan wouldn’t work).

    I then left the software CD running and tried to log in again. This confirmed that I had partially installed the DM software, this gave my program the ability to edit it, restore it, and something else (can’t remember) to remember. Decided to really have it. This completes the process!

    After connecting, I did this installation without the media manager. After the “repair” I was able to reinstall the media manager without any problems.

    What a relief to be able to protect your BB!

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