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Best Way To Fix Event ID 7515 Exchange 2003

If you have Exchange 2003 server installed on your computer with event ID 7515, I hope this post will help you.

event id 7515 exchange 2003

I understand event ID 7515 from the MSExchangeTransport popup that shows event logs from servers that have Exchange 2003 SP2 Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) enabled. Is it because the IMF intentionally doesn’t filter out larger messages when it’s 3MB? Heaven help people when spammers send explicit thoughts. We know spammers go to hell, but when customers start spamming over 3MB, they burn in a special level of hell. Net reserve for the type of scammers and people chatting in the theater. But I digress…

Microsoft has published a knowledge base explaining this, see KB 907691: “Smart message filtering from Exchange Server 2003 does not trigger scanning of messages larger than 3 MB.” While this is billed as a great “bug”, it’s actually an important “feature”. If you’re already wondering, here’s the nature of the error:

Event Type: ErrorEvent Event Source: MSExchangeTransportEvent Event Category: SMTP Protocol Event ID: 7515Date: 5/27/2006 Time: 04:18:26 User: N/AComputer: HNLEX01Description: An error occurred while running Smart FilterWhile trying to Microsoft Exchange messages, the best filter is the message ID ID Evento 7515 Exchange 2003
Ereignis-ID 7515 Exchange 2003
Händelse-id 7515 Exchange 2003
ID D’événement 7515 Exchange 2003
이벤트 ID 7515 Exchange 2003
Id. De Evento 7515 Exchange 2003
Gebeurtenis-ID 7515 Exchange 2003
Identyfikator Zdarzenia 7515 Exchange 2003
ID Do Evento 7515 Exchange 2003
Идентификатор события 7515 Exchange 2003