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Fix Evo 4g Grep Not Found Error

If you see evo 4g grep not found, this user guide should help.

Do the following:

1) ls -c /system/bin/

Can you find the busy mailbox in the list? For me, busybox is definitely a symlink (shortcut), which is why you have /system/xbin/busybox. Denoted by real “->”

2) ls -l /system/xbin/

Same top. Do you see the next busy box? All busybox media are also symlinks associated with busybox (e.g. grep -> busybox). If you don’t see any of this, then Titanium File Backup installed it differently. I’ll see if I can find any information on this. Presumably the only way to fix this is to install their retail version, but I may not be sure what happens if customers have already installed it somewhere else. Of course, create some nandroid before trying to save.

EDIT: Okay, I did a bit of research and it looks like Titanium Backup uses its own set of busy boxes (I saved them somewhere; I didn’t set them that way so I can’t find them myself) will still work , which has a trading version (since I did it on it, II know). Unfortunately, the careful thread I found on it was thought to be quite old, so I just can’t 100% confirm that this is the case. Here’s what you can do:

1) Create latest backup of nandroid
2) Install busybox, marketplace
3) Make sure the titanium fuse is broken
4) Open the port emulator, type “busybox” and check if there are instructions available this time

If you like, your needs can match the other requirements I gave you to analyze what I was looking for.

  1. I have read, researched and am worried about the decision to keep my EVO and I am serious about taking the plunge. I plan to root the unrEVOked method most of the time and then run CyanogenMod7 with it.

    Expecting more games, I ordered a functionally larger SD card for additional storage.

    My reasoning is whether it’s better to a) root now and then move everything to a new SD card, or b) think twice before more comes.A big SD-FX card will do it all at once.

    If I boot before the SD arrives, will it be easy to transfer everything to the new card?

    Thank you!


    09/06/2011 15:23

  2. evo 4g grep not found

    I used my phone which connected very easily rooted for helpful months and really asked to upgrade to 3.70.651.1 for you! I actually tried, it didn’t work (I’m assuming because I have root permissions?). Now that this gingerbread update is out, I’m completely at a loss as to how to update my main account and be up to date with everything on this board. Can anyone tell me the best way to get there? I checked the forums, but as my wife said, I’m lost and am a particular newbie to the EVO hacker scene. Thank you for your time.

    UPDATE 4 . I’m pretty sure I’ve just canceled the un-cancelled method used in case the woman asks.

    06/09/2011 18:04

  3. Originally posted due to


    I have read, studied, thought and understood the decision to put my EVO in first place and I can cross it. I plan, you see, to use the unrEVOked root method and then run CyanogenMod7.

    Expecting more, I ordered a larger SD card to store the extra capacity.

    My question is, is it better to a) root now and then move everything to a new SD card, or b) access the largest number of SD cards and do almost everything at the same time.

    If I’m really pre-born SD, is there some simple reason to upgrade to a new card?

    Thank you!


    It would go something like this: transfer your data to your mobile computing device and then to an additional SD card. Rooting will not only erase your SD card, it may even take up space on your plastic SD card.

    Originally posted by


    About 7 months ago, Igot a new phone just to connect and was also asked to upgrade to version 3.70. Update .651.1! I did this, but it didn’t work (probably because I’m sitting right?). Now the gingerbread update is actually out and I’m completely burned out on how to keep my hubby and my root and help you get along with everything on the dating forum. Can someone point me personally on how to do this? I’ve been reading the forums but like I said I got robbed and I’m new to the EVO hacker scene. thanks for all your time

    evo 4g grep not found