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  • Fixed: How To Fix Grub Error After Installing Ubuntu.

Fixed: How To Fix Grub Error After Installing Ubuntu.

In this tutorial, we will find out some possible reasons that might cause grub error after installing Ubuntu and then I will give possible fixes that you can try to get rid of this problem.


Fix or even improve problemsWe can dual-boot using Boot-Repair (IMHO).

Boot-Repair is a new, simple tool to fix persistent boot problems you may encounter with Ubuntu, such as when owners are unable to boot Ubuntu after installing Windows or another flavor of Linux, or when a Windows installation fails to learn after Ubuntu installation, if GRUB stops loading, some updates will break GRUB, etc.

  • Boot from the Ubuntu Live CD or USB stick.
  • How do I fix a corrupted GRUB?

    To fix a specific issue, run grub get from the line:Get the boot partition on hd0.0 (the first partition on the primary hard drive) as in the find command demo above.Then grub put on the first disk (hd0) – as in the image above, the boot is stage1 compared to hd0.After the command, the results will reboot the server.

    Press Alt+Ctrl+T to launch terminal and audience commands:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair

  • How do I fix GRUB error in Ubuntu?

    Step 1: Know your main partition. Boot from a live CD, DVD, or USB stick.Step 2: Mount the base partition.Step 3: Be a CHROOT.Step 4: Remove some grub packages.Step 5: Reinstall grub packages.Step 6: Unmount a specific partition:

    After the Startup Repair is completed, it can be opened with two options, select the first option (Repair is recommended).

  • grub error after installing ubuntu

    Often, when the restore is considered complete, save the display URL and reload.

    grub error after installing ubuntu

  • If the restore fails, please share the URL on askubuntu and/or any other help.forum you need for help.

  • I tried to install Ubuntu alongside Windows. I did this by booting up the LTS-Ubuntu bootable USB and selecting the “Install with Windows” option. Unfortunately at this point when I ran this method for grub it definitely gave FATAL and FAILED to boot Windows.

    Can I install GRUB after installing Ubuntu?

    In particular, the location where GRUB 2 files are stored is specified using blacklists. This option may not be available when installing the Ubuntu GUI, but it can usually be installed directly from the terminal.

    I can still start Windows by pressing enter twice. I then re-deleted that would use the Ubuntu partition, but it still boots into Ubuntu.

    Even when I try to boot from my USB device (by pressing the SHIFT key paired in Windows 8.1 while holding down some restart buttons and their “Select another device” on all Windows blue screens), it overrides GRUB in place.

    1. How can I easily boot from a USB stick to reinstall Ubuntu?
    2. How to boot Windows instead of Grub?
    3. How can I completely get rid of this Grub business?

    How do I fix GRUB failed to install?

    Grub, the Linux boot manager, was not recently installed in the master boot record on your computer’s blank drive. There seems to be a fix to boot into Windows as well as sort the drive and then try to boot from the Ubuntu USB again.

    Required Oct 25, 2015 9:27 PM.

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