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FIX: How To Trim Video In Windows Movie Maker Windows 7

You may encounter an error code when trimming a video in Windows Movie Maker Windows 7. Well, there are several ways to fix this problem and we are going to talk about it now.

Summary :

As the best free video software available today, editing and enhancing Windows Movie Maker will help you create great video clips from your photos and videos. And with this processing tool, you can’t just cut a sturdy clip into smaller pieces.No fat loss. all frames in processes, but can also quickly remove unwanted frames at the beginning or end of the main fragment.

Note. Splitting allows you to cut a clip into multiple parts without losing frames. Trimming removes unnecessary frames from the beginning to the end of the best clip.

How do I cut part of a video in Windows 7?

Set start/end point Click “Edit” to access the “Crop/Split” tool in the program. In the playback window, drag the cursor to the point where customers want to start or end the video, click Set Start Point or Set End Location. The clip before the split point or after the end point is cut out of the video.

What is the difference between cropping and splitting a clip?

  1. Split Video You can split a large video into multiple smaller video clips. Drag the controller (where you want to cut, for example, click the scissors button.
  2. Graphic cropping removes the unwanted part of the video. Change the current video duration by moving the start point of the clip to the end point. video
  1. Import into Windows Movie Maker.
  2. Choose animation, pan and zoom.
  3. Select the type of pan or zoom you want.
  4. Save the trimmed video.Video
  1. Import into Windows Movie Maker.
  2. In the preview window, search the web for the specific new frame you want to cut.
  3. In the Edit section, click Share.
  4. Remove the part of the video you no longer want to use.
  5. Save the entire movie.
  1. Import the video into Windows Movie Maker.
  2. Split video or trim video. Transition,
  3. Add beauty effects to your video.
  4. Add music to be able to record videos.
  5. Edit music.
  6. Add titles and credits to your video.
  7. Save movie.

Use Windows Live Movie Maker to recompose all your videos.

Step 1

Open Windows Live Movie Maker and on the Home tab, click Add Photos and Videos to Icons. Find the video you want to edit and click Open.

2nd Step

Press the power button under the video section and turn on the video. When you get to the part of the video you want to delete, press the pause button.

Step 3

Place the main cursor in vertical order, which means you are already in the video. This gift is created by searching image after image through the right window.

Step 4

how to cut videos in windows movie maker windows 7

Click hereRight-click the line and select Split. You will see an icon to pause frame-by-frame playback.

Step 5

how to cut videos in windows movie maker windows 7

Click the play button and play the movie in the section you want to delete. When you get to the point where you want to resume the movie, return to pause.

Step 6

Add an end point by placing the cursor where you want the video to continue, right-clicking and choosing Split. You have now created a separate section of the famous video that you can edit or even delete.

Step 7

Hover your business course pointer over a section with two sections. Optional right-click, select “Delete”.

Step 8

Tap the unique “Save” icon at the top left of the screen and enter a new name to change your video if you change your mind later.


Instead of looking at the entrance, you can just look at the specific starting point of the most important frame by frame. It’s faster for long videos. Follow the appropriate procedure to create the Shared and Remov partitionse.

However, we can be bought on a range of issues related to video sizes. Sometimes the video won’t play when the size of the newly uploaded video doesn’t meet the platform’s requirements. Or we need to get the ideal smaller and desired size to positively save on equipment inventory. A few ways below can help you solve online size issues when you use Movie Maker to trim videos.

How do you cut out parts of a video on Windows Movie Maker?

Drag and drop shows on the schedule to arrange them in the order you want.To cut any type of clip, click where you want to cut the clip and use the Trim, Split tool.Make sure your movies are nice and tight, and don’t skip shots you don’t think you need. Proceed to the next step, Change sound and music.

  If you click “+” to import the video, everything can be spontaneously placed on the all-important timeline.

  If you finally need to add two or more coaching sessions to your timeline, click “Sort” and the “Add to Timeline” icon to sort multiple videos.

First, everyone needs to trim the video from the main track and a yellow square border will definitely appear.

Undoubtedly, there are quantitative and qualitative approaches to video resizing.

  If you are unable to determine the correct size, you can also draw straight right angleseach video playback screen.

Once you have determined the exact size you want to resize, you can enter the length and, in addition, the width directly below the video.

  You can also refer to preset video sizes such as 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 9:16, etc. by clicking on the “Ratio” button.

  You can also invoke the “Crop Position” button to adjust how the image is framed relative to the video screen.

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