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Problems With Installshield Icon Change Setup.exe?

In this guide, we will identify some possible causes that might be causing the installshield change setup.exe icon to appear and then provide possible repair methods that you can try to get rid of this problem. In the display list under Media, click Messages.In the release adventurer, click on your release.Click the Setup.exe tab.For Setup.exe Icon File, specify the fully qualified name of the image that contains the icon that most InstallShield should use when the following steps make a Setup.exe file available at build time.

How do I add an icon to setup project in Visual Studio?

Create your setup project.In Visual Recording Studio, navigate to File | Open | fileSelect the Setup.exe file you just created. You will be presented with a tree structure of folders.Then right click on the folder with the icon and specifically click on “Add Resource”.Click the Import button and find the icon you want to use.Save to computer.

InstallShield allows you to specify the entire icon to be purchased for a launcher developed with Setup.exe. An icon can be an .exe, .dll or even .ico file.

End fans can see this icon if they see your Setup.exe initiative in Windows Explorer. The asterisk also appears in this custom properties dialog box for the Setup.exe area; This property dialog can be opened when end users right-click On that particular Setup.exe file and then simply click Properties.

How do I change the setup exe icon?

Create your setup project.Open a file like setup.exe, just use make, File -> Open -> File.Right-click the icon node above the File Explorer window and select Add Resource.Import any symbol you want in the popup dialog and make sure the tattoo id is the smallest.

If the person doesn’t provide an image, InstallShield uses an error icon for your Setup.exe.

one. In the list of views, under Media, click Problems.

2. In the version browser, navigate to the version you want to customize.

3. Go to the Setup.exe tab.

4. In Setup.exe Icon File, specify the fully qualified name of the folder containing the icon that many InstallShield programs should use when creating the Set fileup.exe during build.

Installshield Ändern Sie Das Setup.exe-Symbol
Installshield Setup.exe-pictogram Wijzigen
Installshield Zmień Ikonę Setup.exe
Ícone InstallShield Change Setup.exe
Installshield Modifier L’icône Setup.exe
Installshield 변경 Setup.exe 아이콘
Installshield Cambiar El Icono De Setup.exe
Значок Installshield Изменить Setup.exe
Installshield Ändra Setup.exe-ikonen
Installshield Cambia Icona Setup.exe