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How To Fix Palm Hotsync Error Fix Error

In this user guide, we are going to uncover some of the possible causes that might lead to palm hot sync troubleshooting and then provide possible recovery methods that you can try to get rid of this issue. Make sure USB or Local USB is enabled (USB must be enabled when using the USB cable or USB HotSync dock). Try HotSync again. If this works, do not close the HotSync Manager and restart the HotSync Manager. To click “reboot”, click “Start”, “Select All Programs”, “Palm” or “Handspring” and you will see the HotSync icon.


  • If you’re really looking for the questions asked, visit Calvin’s website at http://www.palmgear.com/faq/.
  • Unless otherwise noted, some of these solutions apply to the Palm Desktop version of Windows software when a desktop computer is required and may resolve the issue.
  • In general, the solutions support Palmos based PDAs such as Palm Pilot, Pilot, Handspring Visor, Treo and Tungsten Zire. Color=”red”>Good
  • what is shown here may or may not be completely accurate, becauseThe author is not responsible for the accuracy of the informationtionsbook.

    Use this information at your own risk! You should always strive to obtain a complete copy of your Palm before attempting to use the solutions presented here. Also make a note of your palmusers.as backup files, as well as your current Dat files in the palmusername directory and those subdirectories.

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  • Zire HotSync Issues

    I have an amazing Zire m150 which I chose mainly as an address book. Everything was fine with HotSyncing my new XP Home laptop with Zire, two things worked out. My husband bought me a new XP Pro computer with it, and I realized that Zire’s individual batteries are absolutely absolute. So, I charged the electric batteries and seem to have lost all addresses. I then tried to sync my Zire Ones to Home xp on your old laptop. Zire goes through all the moves on HotSync and says that everything is debarks, but everything is synchronized, sometimes when I check on the usual laptop there is nothing. Zira does not have my address. This seems like a no-brainer for HotSync. Who zire got my old laptop and then hotsync my new pc. Help! I’m frustrated, I don’t want to re-enter each of these addresses! I’m probably not a techie fanatic but I can follow Thanks! for any help.

    First of all

    , you can check if you have multiple usernames in Palm Desktop. To do this, open the palm of the desktop in the upper right corner you need to visit the username. Click on each of our dropdown menus and see if there are more than one. Then re-sync and when prompted, enter a username containing someone’s Palm Desktop address.

    palm hotsync troubleshooting

    If you look no, on your computer next to the clock and tick Hotsync via in the manager, right click it and go to Custom. Just go to the address or tracks. And select Edit. Replace the so-called PDA with a real desktop. It will have an arrow leading to the computer, a giant device. Make sure it is created byNo from PC to Kindle. If it is someone else, all your data will be deleted from your PC. Sync and check if the data belongs to you.

    Come back when you have more good questions.

    The message refers to: Treo 800w (Sprint)

  • Palm Zire 71 only works on Vista

    I have Windows recently updated the program I use on my desktop and also synced it with the Zire 71 in the palm of my hand. To get the update on my palm, I immediately tried to install Palm. I believe the above does not work with Windows Vista! What are the options? Okay, I don’t know how I can get this update on the small Palm on the market to properly sync my data between my own desktop and the Palm seventy-one Zire desktop. Any suggestions for this?

    palm hotsync troubleshooting

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