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Troubleshooting Tips For Registering Crystall32.ocx In Windows 7

You may encounter an error message that crystall32.ocx is being registered with Windows 7. There are several ways to fix this problem and we’ll get back to them shortly.


I keep getting a project error whentrying to publish a VB6 application on these Windows 7 systems

Component 'crystl32.ocx' or some of its dependencies not fully registered: file a is leaked or invalid

How do I register crystl32 OCX in Windows 7?

Go to system32.Set the detail decor for this folder.Right click on the column header (should work for everyone)Click More.Find something by this number that can show you a web link between your OCX and other required files*Copy all these documents written in system32.Try to register as soon as possible.

I’ve tried the right options to make this happen, like the first duplicate of crpe32.dll and implode.dll in System32 paired with folders syswow64 then using regsvr32.exe to register but gives me this error message

registering crystl32.ocx in windows 7

Failed to lock module "crystl32.ocx". Verify that the binary is actually stored in this plane, or debug it to confirm issues with dependent binaries or DLLs. Said module not found.

How do I manually register OCX on 64 bit?

Press any Windows ball to open any Start Menu.Enter the command word “regsvr32” where is currently the full path and file name of the generated .ocx file you wish to register.Wait for specific confirmation that OCX is registered if you don’t want to run Regsvr32 in peaceful mode.

I can browse C:WindowsSystem32 and SysWow64 and see the files there clearly.

Where is crystl32 OCX located?

Crystal32. ocx actually exists in the system32 folder.

I recently installed Oracle from 11g, Oracle from 9g is not implemented, also playing around with environment variables because it causes a crisis? Prior to this, the same application worked without a nice error message.

Do you need to register OCX files?

ocx must be properly registered in order to work properly. The Visual FoxPro Setup Wizard or InstallShield Express in Visual FoxPro 7.0 or a later version of Visual FoxPro saves a .

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registering crystl32.ocx in windows 7


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