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Fixed: How To Fix Sony TV Showing Blue Screen

Over the past few days, some readers have encountered an error code that causes a sony TV to turn on a blue screen. This problem can occur for several reasons. Let’s discuss this now. A blue screen occurs when a 4K Ultra HD media player is not connected to correct recommendations on a Sony® 4K Ultra HD 8K hdmi® TV whose picture or screen resolution suffers from about 8,000 pixels wide. 8K UHD (7680×4320) is the new maximum defined resolution, in Rec. 1a. Standard 2020 (UHDTV). The filter resolution, which is 8k, is the champion of 4K resolution. In 2017, broadcasters were pushing to make 4k the main new standard. Make sure the TV is connected to a new active internet connection. Connect the router hub or to the LAN input of the 4K Ultra HD media player using a new LAN cable.

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The blue screen TV issue with no picture is more common on older systems where your TV ends up connected to a TV set or a new VCR via coax and whether the TV needs to be switched to channel 4 or 4to receive these signals.

Note: Current systems do not require the TV receiver to be set to channel 3 or only to channel 4 to receive a very strong signal.

If you are using a device that needs to be set up to receive a signal on channel 3 or 4, make sure it is a TV and set the appropriate settings. If you are using a VCR that is turned on but not playing or recording the main channels received, a blue indicator will appear on the TV. Solve this problem by turning off the VCR or by setting the program to a channel that can be received. When a set-top box is connected to the VCR with a cable or satellite dish, and DirectV is used with a TV, the coaxial VCR usually needs to be set to two or four channels to receive each signal. Is

Why does my Sony TV look blue?

Reset: Reset all picture settings to factory defaults, except for memory settings, picture mode, and advanced settings. Backlight Sets: headlight illumination. Color Adjusts the temperature: the whiteness most commonly associated with an image. cold Gives tone: white bluish tint.

A fix is ​​available that suggests the TV has no picture, no power, or a blinking/blinking red LED normally.

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  • The problem with your TV showing a blue picture with no picture is more common on older systems, anywhere you have a TV connected to a set-top box, or any VCR with a coaxial TV, and you need to build your TV. TV on channel 3 or 4 to receive your signal.

    Note: current systems do not require the use of an additional TV tuned to channel 3 and/or 4, possibly to receive any type of signal.

    If you are using a device that needs to be tuned to channel 3 4 most of the time, or receive a confirmation tone when the device and TV are definitely tuned to the correct programs. you If you are using a VCR that is turned on but not yet playing or recordingIf the VCR is not tuned to the correct channel screen, What’s On TV will be displayed in blue on your computer screen. To solve this problem, turn the VCR on its side or tune to its receiving channel. In most cases, when a cable or possibly a set-top box is connected via coaxial cable to the appropriate VCR, the VCR must be set to channel two or channel four in order to receive any signal.

    More information is available any time the TV is blank, no power, or the LED is flashing/blinking red.

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    What does it mean when your TV screen turns blue?

    If a certain TV’s screen has a blue tint, it may remain under the blue LED backlight due to manufacturing issues.eat. In this case, you can replace the backlight. The last most common cause of all plaster or blue film is a problem with most picture settings and display.

    Article: 00028900 / Last modified: 05/27/2021

    This issue may be resolved by tuning or requires additional diagnostics due to exceptional conditions.


    1. Keep in control of the supplied remote control and press the HOME button to display the TV diversity screen.
    2. Check the menu screen to see if there is a problem.
    3. If you have the same problem, your TV may be defective. For more troubleshooting information, see Tips for Fixing Odd Colors When Showing Others’ Problems.
    4. If there are normal problems in the video field outside the menu, this is not a malfunction, you can see that the image settings are adapting to the tastes of your company.

    Customize OtteAdding And Adjusting An Image

    sony tv turns blue screen

    You can adjust the following settings to make each hue of the image the most important. Considering that the effects of different settings vary depending on the setting of a particular TV, select other settings according to your example and preferences. According to

    sony tv turns blue screen

    Element method names and are provided as examples. Some models may not have the features suggested below, or the names of features or procedures may vary significantly depending on the model. Please refer to receipt for more details


    for your product.

    1. Press the home button on the supplied universal remote control.
    2. Select image and display with And then use up/down keys press and any Enter key. arrow picture
    3. Use up/down to select adjustments, click them and then just press Enter.template
    4. Select to install, press Enter if necessary.Hall collections
    5. Reset: The picture settings are reset to factory default, except for memory, picture mode, and advanced settings. Fit
    6. Backlight. Adjust the backlight brightness. Decreasing screen brightness should reduce power consumption.
    7. Image: Adjust the image contrast.
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