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Having Trouble Stopping C000021 Due To An Unknown Fatal Error?

If you’re experiencing an unknown stop c000021 hardware error on your computer, you should check out these troubleshooting ideas. Disconnect all connectors from the motherboard, disconnect the RAM and reconnect the concept.If the problem persists, try connecting the Hard Trip to a different port.If the problem persists, try using 4 RAM blades (if there are duplicates), disable the rest.If the underlying problem persists, reset the BIOS.

stop c000021 unknown hard error

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stop c000021 unknown hard error

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What is a hard error?

Complex failure is a problem that occurs due to failures in the operation of electronics, especially data transmission and storage equipment. A hardware error is usually thought to be the result of a failure of a new memory chip in a particular piece of hardware.

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What does unknown hard error mean?

Unknown fatal errors usually occur due to questionable system files, registry entries, adware attacks, and some Windows enhancements (for some users). This error can cause the system to malfunction or even crash; Your own systemChema and data are at great risk.

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