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Windows 7 Taskbar Troubleshooting Tips For Windows XP

I hope this guide helps you if you spotted the windows 7 Taskbar for Windows XP.

Extremely interesting and useful, Windows 7 is another superbar. Superbar is an updated form of the old taskbar. It displays only the icons of running programs (buttons of this taskbar method with icons), allows you to rearrangeremove the taskbar buttons, its height is slightly larger than the old taskbar.

We’ve already published a brand new little tutorial to get these taskbar buttons with icons in Windows XP and Vista only:

Get Windows 10 symbolic taskbar (icon only) in Windows XP and Vista

windows 7 taskbar for windows xp

You can also use a simple utility to get taskbar buttons with icons:

Iconizer Taskbar: Access Iconize Taskbar in Windows XP and Vista

While you can use symbolic taskbar buttons, you can’t get big program icons like in Windows 7. Don’t worry, it’s actually possible with “ViGlance” now.

Our friend “Lee” has created a wonderful utility called “ViGlance” that provides a more Windows-like superpane in Windows XP as well as in Vista. This is a portable implementation so you don’t need help installing it. Then run it and you’re done.

As seen by owners, the icons on the taskbar buttons appear in bold. Here are some functions created by ViGlance:

  • True Vista 48×48 icon support
  • Dynamic grouping processov
  • Dynamic thumbnails
  • Pin and move element information
  • Disappearing the initial sphere
  • Glide setting effects
  • Supports PNG skin for objects.
  • Native right-click compatibility.
  • Dynamic taskbar transparency
  • Support for Windows x64 and therefore x86
  • The most notable change in Windows 7 is still the new dock-style taskbar, which also displays icons instead of buttons, and groups all system windows into one small button. I’m pretty sure the very first question a lot of guys will ask will be “How do I turn this off?” and coupled with this article, the person will see how to do it.

    Note that I’m not suggesting going back, I’m a new style fanatic and then I think you should give it a try… but practically we’re just giving you options, absolutely c no more.. .

    For those who haven’t read our Windows 7 Beta Protection Plan, the new taskbar looks like this:

    How do I change the taskbar style in Windows XP?

    To do this, click the Start tab in the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box. This dialog allows customers to choose whether they want to successfully use the Windows XP Start Menu or the Classic Start Menu. You can also customize it to any setting by clicking the Customize button.

    To return to the previous style, the first thing to do is right-clickth click on the open area of ​​the entire taskbar and select the Properties item in this menu.

    From the drop-down menu of taskbar buttons, select “Never merge” which opens all windows, and a separate taskbar button that allows you to select “Merge when taskbar is full”, which works the same way. text says.

    You should now see a specific button with printed labels, just like you’re used to… but in our own style with 7 panels.

    If you check “Use small icons” in the properties screen, my taskbar shrinks to the ground and looks very similar to Vista.

    The only problem is that the “pinned” icons are still on the taskbar, where it’s not the same as in Vista or XP, but you can easily remove them all by right-clicking and selecting “Unpin” this program from the taskbar. .

    How do I make my taskbar look like Windows 7?

    Download and deploy the classic shell.After installing the application, launch it.Go to the “Start Menu Style” tab and select the Windows 7 style. If anyone needs it, you can immediately fix the “Start” button.Navigate to the skin’s navigation bars and select Windows Aero from the list.Click OK to save your changes.

    And right now, the taskbar looks and works very much like Windows Vista:

    If you really want to be silly, you can choose the “Classic Windows” layout underle “DesktopPersonalization”… but I think it ends up being a bit redundant.


    I strongly recommend that you at least create a new Windows taskbar with multiple taskbars. Give it a try… it takes a little getting used to, but it’s still a good step forward. Will the new style tray suit you? Tell us in your comments.

    windows 7 taskbar for windows xp

    The taskbar in Windows 7 is really radically redesigned and can be confusing at first; If you’re not used to it, you can make the new Windows 7 taskbar look like the Windows XP or Windows Vista taskbar. This article explains how to customize your newly purchased taskbar and gives tips on how to get rid of the unwanted and old look of the taskbar, as well as the new Microsoft features introduced on the Windows 7 taskbar such as playlists, thumbnails, etc. e. Move taskbar buttons.

    Use A Real Windows XP Style Windows Vista Style Taskbar While Running Windows 7

    How do I make Windows 7 taskbar look like XP?

    Step 1: Download the Moon theme.Step 2: Download the universal theme patcher.Step 3: Install Universal Theme Patcher.Step Five: Install Theme Files.Step 5: Customize the taskbar.Step 6: Download and install Classic Shell.Step 7: Change the Start Menu Style to Luna.

    Follow the instructions to make the Windows 7 taskbar look like previous versions connected to Windows:

  • Right-click an empty space on the taskbar and open Properties.
  • Windows 7 opens “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”
  • Usually select the Taskbar tab if necessary.
  • Check the “Use inexpensive icons” checkbox (which is not checked and is also the default). This instructs Windows 7 to use the normal buttons and icons on the main taskbar, as in Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • In the Taskbar Buttons section, select Merge When Taskbar Is Full or Never Merge – This setting forces Windows 7 to use large handles that display title bars, pointing to currently open windows, when the title bar appears.

    The Never Merge option moves the Windows 7 taskbar in the same way as versions of Windows before and after XP (which introduced the taskbar button merging scheme).

  • Click “Apply” to review your changes: Your custom taskbar should now look familiar!
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