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Codec Windows Media Player OS X? Fix It Immediately

Over the past few days, some players have been reporting that they have encountered an issue with the windows Media Player osx codec.

Converting a Windows PC to a Mac can be quite time consuming even for those who are not tech savvy themselves. It is expected thatThe new structure, programs, files, and commands will be cumbersome, so users will need time to get used to the new environment.

A common situation that users face is that they are unable to mount media files from Windows to their Mac or MacBook due to their experience with codec support. It is considered possible to play Windows Media files on macOS and I will personally show someone how to do it.

First Of All: What Are WMA And WMV Files?

You may have seen purchased WMV or WMA files for your Mac. These are usually Windows Media files and should not be played on a Mac computer using the built-in features of the operating system. As you might expect, Windows Media Video (WMV) files are made up of video, audio, and images. Windows Media Audio (WMA) files only store audio data locally.

Which codec do I need for Windows Media Player?

The Media Player Codec Pack for Windows Media Player supports almost all types of storage and files used by modern video and audio formats. Compression types you can play with include: x265 | H 265 | HEVC | 10-bit x264 | x264 | H 264 | AVHD | AVK | DivX | hvid | MP4 | MPEG4 | MPEG2 and many others.

On Windows computers, these media versions can be played seamlessly using the built-in Windows Media Player and Windows Video. Microsoft recommends that these professionals play WMV and WMA files. Unfortunately, for users who prefer Mac, this is a program This software is not available on macOS.

The small size of your own WMV or WMA player on a Mac can be a real dilemma, especially for users who typically migrate from their Windows native world and want to take their media with them. Even customers who have never had a Windows computer can download WMV or WMA files and need to find a way to play them on their Apple computer.

Let’s look at some great ways to have fun playing Windows Media files on your Mac or MacBook.

Method 1: Install Media Player For Mac To Play WMV And WMA Files

VLC Media Player for Mac is a free and open source software application for macOS and OS X that allows you to play WMV and WMA files on your Mac. The tool also currently has basic video editing features that some users may find attractive.

  1. Download and install VLC Media Player as well.
  2. Drag the program icons to the Applications folder.
  3. Launch VLC Media Player.
  4. Drag and drop a WMV or WMA file and the device will appear on the interface.
  5. Enjoyshow!
  • Easy to use
  • Play all Mac file formats as easily as WMV and WMA
  • It’s hard to find advanced features in the main interface

How can I play a Windows audio file on my Mac?

Download and install Windows Media Components for QuickTime frequently with Flip4Mac.Open the WMA file in Quicktime Player.Everyone presses the play button.To play a new next song, repeat steps 1 and 3.

Microsoft does not provide Windows Player support for most Mac computers. For this reason, whenever you want to play WMV or WMA files on your latest Mac, you need to apply third party software.

How do I open a WMV file on a Mac?

QuickTime, Mac OS X’s own network player, can stream WMV files when paired with a special free Flip4Mac plug-in. As an added convenience, VLC and MPlayerX are Mac-compatible third-party options that can also handle WMV files.

There are various alternative free programs on the market that can handle WMV or WMA files for Mac. Some of the most popular multimedia files are 5K Media Player and Macgo Mac Media Player.

windows media player codec osx

You can find a Papers player for your Macbook Pro that is easy to use and supports WMV and WMA file formats.

Method 2: Convert WMA/WMV File Format To Mac File

Another option is to convert your WMA/WMV files to a format that can be played on your current Mac. Microsoft recommends this method of instruction as the safest way to play Windows media files connected to a Mac. You can also buy online Individual application converters to download to your Mac.


Initiate Format Via Online Converter

Can Mac play Windows Media Player?

In short, the plan is yes – you can attach Windows Media files on Mac even after the Mac version of Windows Media Player was discontinued nearly 10 generations ago.

There are several hosted converters that convert WMV and WMA file formats to the ideal format supported by macOS.

Convert.Is Files is at least one of the most widely used free online video converters for Mac. One of its quality features is the ability to simultaneously convert batches of documents.


which can support a wide variety of idea file formats when multiple output file formats are compatible with macOS. These formats include AMV, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, WMV, MP3, WMA, M4A, MKA and many more.

  1. Select a file from your computer using the scan function
  2. Select an input report format
  3. Select an output list format
  4. Click Convert
  5. Upload the converted file after the conversion process is complete.

windows media player codec osx

Convert.Files might even offer the option to get a download link for the converted file to be sent to anyone-or by email.

  • Converts expected video resolution, high definition and ultra high definition files to MPEG, mp4, WebM, MKV, etc.
  • Easy to use GUI and layout.
  • < li> Provides tools

    for cropping and editing

  • The trial period has certain limitations.

Convert Files To Mac-compatible Format Using A Third-party Tool

If you are not using online copy tools, consider using other third party tools such as Smart Converter for Mac. This is a simple and very handy video converter that can be found in any Mac Store application.

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